Students in Temporary Housing

We are here to help !

We wanted to introduce ourselves to you and your family. Our names are Ms. Badia, Community coordinator, and Ms. Markman, Bridging the gap social worker, and we are the students in temporary services team at P.S. 199x.

A student who lives in any of the following situations is considered in temporary housing under the McKinney-Vento Act

  • Doubled up (with friends or relatives because they cannot find or afford housing)
  • A shelter or transitional housing 
  • A Hotel/Motel 
  • A Car, Bus or Train
  • A park or public place or An abandoned building

We also support with 

  • Help finding food pantries near the school 
  • Help with applying for social benefits 
  • Help with registering your child for after school activities and/or summer programs
  • Help with housing concerns
  • Uniforms for the students including, School pants, schools shirts
  • While available- Jackets, Coats, and backpacks
  • Meeting Individually with your child when needed

Our mission is to support you and your family to have a positive experience in our school community, and to collaborate with multiple agencies to better fulfill your needs as a family.


STH Presentation

Let us know how we can help!

PS 199 Wellness Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete our wellness survey. Please feel free to address 
any concerns you may have. Click this link to access the survey

All the best,
Ms. Badia & Ms. Markman

STH Coordinator

Ms. Badia

 STH Coordinator 

(862) 414-8936

For assistance, please  contact our STH Coordinator

School Social Worker

Ms. Markman

School Social Worker

(929) 269-3808