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The Shakespeare School serves pre-kindergarten through 5th grade students in the Highbridge area of the Bronx. 

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Full School Profile including school reopening plan, free student meals, and school quality and data. 


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Our Mission, Vision, and Theory of Action Priority Statement

Our Mission

The Shakespeare School is a diverse community of learners. Our teachers, families and scholars trust in each other's commitment to equity and excellence.  Scholars will engage in developmentally appropriate rigorous tasks on a daily basis, in a risk-free student-centered environment.

Our Vision 

All students will socially, emotionally and academically thrive at our school in a risk-free environment. Every student will have a voice.

Theory of Action Priority Statement

PS 199x The Shakespeare School is committed to meeting the needs of all learners. We believe that IF we use a data driven approach to plan and develop rigorous, differentiated instruction, THEN all students will continue to show growth across all grade bands and content areas.


PS 199x Equity Goal

We will ensure that all students, regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity, language, disability, sexual orientation, family history and income are supported to reach their highest potential by experiencing high expectations and challenging instruction that supports their personal and academic growth in a welcoming and supportive learning environment. Every scholar in our school will have the opportunity to excel. This will result in continued reduction of incidences as measured on our OORS reports, an improvement on the school quality survey indicators, improved achievement for all students in all subgroups in all state and city assessments. 

PS 199x Equity Team Vision

A school where every student feels safe and valued, and all students & staff regardless of race, culture, home language, sexual orientation, gender identity, academic history, and individual challenges have the opportunity to succeed with challenging classes, rigorous instruction, projects, and activities. A school where all teachers are aware of the students they teach and meet students' individual instructional needs in order to foster a harmonious and supportive environment where students feel empowered to learn, to grow, and to pursue their dreams. PS 199 a school that all students need and deserve.

Academics and Programs

Into Reading by Houghton Mifflin

Envision Math by Savvas Realize

Passport to Social Studies 

Amplify Science

Instructional Focus

The school day begins with “close reading,” an important skill, where kids read slowly and carefully to identify the main idea and glean as much meaning as they can from the text with a teacher’s help. The Shakespeare School also fosters critical thinking in math by infusing projects and hands-on activities into lessons, and making space for children to discuss how they solve problems with each other.  


To apply to P.S. 199, please contact us:

1449 Shakespeare Ave Bronx, NY 10452 

(718) 681-7172 

Families of students entering kindergarten through 3rd grade must submit a request for testing in November for the gifted and talented program.

MLL Expecations