Saturday School/Title III

Saturday School

Information coming soon! Stay tuned.

This year, our Title III Saturday Academy is crucial to the academic success of our ELLs. Due to the pandemic, students are receiving less instruction in-person at school. Saturday Academy gives our ELLs an opportunity for nearly a full-day of sheltered instruction that is rigorous, content-based, and taught by certified ENL or bilingual teachers. Our program will target students in the upper grades (3-5) who are high in proficiency in order to prevent the stagnation that occurs amongst ELLs in high proficiency levels. Here, teachers will focus on the reading, writing, and discussion of content rich texts. The second group will consist of students in groups 1-2 who are newcomers or have scored entering and emerging on the NYSESLAT. In this group, the teacher will focus on building literacy skills. This year, all students are SIFE students. It is thus important that we have programs designed for our most vulnerable, most impacted students.